Nautical Resort in Provence

Cavalaire Port Map

anchorage information
secure anchorage(s) position lat./lont. 43°10'31.5"N 6°33'33.6"E
min depth of anchorage 40 m (131 ft)
type of bottom Sand / Sludge
wind current SW (Prevailing during the summer), NW (Mistral), E
General slope of bottom 3 %
distance to tender landing dock 1.400 m (4.600 ft)
minimum depth of channel of fairway to tender dock 3m (10 ft)
minimum depth of water at tender dock 3 m
tendering information
distance to tender landing dock from anchorage 0,8 NM
number of tender berths (for 150 person ship tender) 2 to 3
type of bitts/bollards at tender berth 0
height of tender dock above the water at low and high tide Variable
describe the way passengers get on/off the tenders (are their steps, etc ?) No gangway
Are the tender areas wheel chair accessible ? No
general information
Terminal/Restrooms in pier area At tourist office
Shuttle bus Yes
Parking place for buses Yes
Taxi Yes
Rental cars Yes
Public transportation Yes
Shopping Yes
Local currency
Tax refund No
Public telephones in pier area No
Internet access in pier area No
Mailboxes in pier area Yes
Distances - airport 45 km
Distance to city centre 500 meters
Nearest hospital 11 km
Port Services / Facilities & Information
Bunkers delivery /method No
Grey water No
Waste handling No
Waste water method No
Anchorage 43°10'4 N - 006°32'3 E
Pontoons 1
Emergency Channel 9
Medical emergency 112
Tidal movement No
ISPS approved No
Designated quays for cruise ships None
Beam None
WiFi At tourist office
Max size ship in port No limitation
Max number of passengers per day in port No limitation
Max number of ships per day in port 1
Ship’s stay min /max No limitation
Environmental limitations /restrictions None
Maximum ship length No limitation
Maximum ship draft and depth in sea No limitation
Maximum ship airdraft if bridge None