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On the Red Rocks of Esterel Hills

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From Saint-Raphaël or Fréjus harbour, discover the Estérel massif and its exceptional landscapes thanks to a multitude of zero-emission activities!

Board your iconic nosmoke Mehari (electric vehicle) & head along the coastal slopes of the rocky red chain of the Esterel mountain. Stops will be made along the way on the “Corniche d’Or” to take advantage of the panoramas; during summertime, a swimming stop may be arranged. On top of your driver-guide, the vehicle can accommodate up to 4 persons. A fun and eco sustainable way to explore a bit further the destination of your port of call.

You will also have the opportunity to board a Nosmoke, an electric and ecological vehicle with a retro & chic look. Accompanied by a passionate instructor, you will overlook the Mediterranean Sea for an unusual ride. From the typical wild cove to a swimming break with family or friends, you can appreciate all the charm of the Provençal coast during this relaxing excursion.

You can also travel the steep terrain of the Massif de l'Estérel aboard a Buggy. Small electric vehicle halfway between the quad and the 4×4 and approved for off-road and road traffic, this machine will allow you to overcome all the obstacles of our course in the forest and to take advantage of the magnificent road of the Corniche d'Or with its red rocks for a nature outing like you've never experienced before.

Want thrills? Go on an adventure and discover how to drive a new generation electric vehicle: the swincar! Halfway between a 4x4 and a buggy, the swincar is an original and very practical electric vehicle! Ideal for an all-terrain ride with its 4 driving and steering wheels, this quadricycle evolves on dirt roads covered with roots, typical of the Provençal scrubland. Bumps in the ground and gentle slopes... You will taste the pleasures of off-road driving and explore the trails of the Esterel massif! The piloting is also accessible to people with reduced mobility.

For an ideal family activity in a small group, discover the pleasure of driving an unusual, electric and ecological machine, the Segway! Working with the balance of the body, you will be able to discover breathtaking views of the Estérel Massif and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea.

Larger party? You can alternatively explore the Esterel in your 8 person van. Your guide will take you on this half day excursion. During the drive and the walk in the forest paths, several picturesque stop opportunities are arranged to take memories of this unspoiled environment. This commented trip will give you an insight on this land’s flora, fauna, geology … Not to forget the myths born in this reddish rocky area.


What to do:

Duration: about 4 hours depending on the formula

  • A commented trip on board of a no smoke vehicule or a 8 seater van (24 pax maximum capacity per 8 seater van) for a fun or a more comfortable ride experience.
  • Or a commented trip on board of a Nosmoke, a swincar, a buggy or a Segway for an unique and sustainable nature experience


Duration: 4 h and over, up to a full day (depending on the formula)

  • An inflatable semi-rigid boat trip for a recreational cruise in the rocky creeks carved in the Estérel coastal façade with a swimming opportunity. The discovery of secluded coves during a wet landing and above all the unique sight of the sharp contrast provided by the red Esterel rock & the deep blue Mediterranean.
  • Or an eco-friendly active afternoon activity: paddle or kayaking
  • Or a 1 h ½ Saint-Raphaël’s Belle Epoque tour lead by your professional guide departing from downtown.

From 1880 till 1915, wealthy mansions were built in Saint-Raphaël. Villas, hotels blossomed from downtown to the outskirts to contribute in the making of an up to date seaside resort.

  • Or a 1 h ½ Fréjus tour for a cultural visit. From Roman sites such as the Amphitheater or the Aqueduc to the vestiges of medieval times and early Christianity, stroll and discover Fréjus, the 2000 years of History city.


  • Type of excursion
  • Type of public
  • Duration of the visit
1 or ½ day excursion  All ages (disabled access: not suitable for guests with a mobility challenge) About 4 hours to a full day (depending on the formula)
VIP Tour | Medium group Segment: Economic | Medium| Luxury
  • Location

Saint-Raphaël or Fréjus

Driving time from...

ports MIN KM
BANDOL 90 125
FREJUS 25 20