Agenda - Saint-Tropez

Les Voiles de Saint-Tropez

Organized for the first time in 1999 by the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez (Nautical Club since 1862) - the Voiles de Saint-Tropez bring people together.

On the same stretch of water, we can find classic boats, some over a hundred years old, maxi yachts and ultramodern boats among the most beautiful in the world, true to their original fair-play spirit: "the best regattas on the water and the best atmosphere on land". Some 250 boats take part in the event.

Race schedule:
- September 28/29: competitors welcome.

- September 30: races for Modern and Maxi Yachts.

- October 1: races for Modern, Maxi Yachts and Tradition boats.

- October 2: races for Modern and Tradition boats / Day off for Maxi Yachts and Club 55 Cup for 2 boats.
Races for Maxi Yachts / Day off for Moderns and Traditions/ Club 55 Cup / regatta des centenaires (tradition boats)/ journée des défis (Voiles de Saint-Tropez boats have the opportunity to challenge each other on an improvised course in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Everyone usually ends up at Club 55, in memory of the original "Nioulargue" event).

- October 3: races for Modern, Maxi Yachts and Traditional boats.

- October 4: races for Modern, Maxi Yachts and Tradition boats.

- October 5: races for Modern, Maxi Yachts and Tradition boats / Prize-giving ceremony for Maxi Yachts.

- October 6: prize-giving ceremony for Modern and Tradition boats.

The village program :
- September 28/09: Arrival of yachts at the Port and confirmation of registrations.
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music

- September 29: Opening of the "Objectif Voiles" photo competition
Sailboats welcome
5pm: Opening of the Sailing Village (by invitation only)
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music
YCF (Cannes-Saint-Tropez) Autumn Cup prize-giving ceremony (by invitation)

- September 30: 9am: Blessing of the boats by Father Jean-Paul Gouarin (Balcon du Sube)
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music

- October 01: 6:30pm - 9pm: Live music
SNSM Sardinade evening

- October 02: 6pm: Boules competition on Place des Lices
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music

- October 03: 9am: Children's parade on the harbor (to be confirmed)
6:30pm: Parade of crews on the harbor
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music
Gstaad Yacht Club Centenary Trophy prize-giving ceremony (by invitation)

- October 04: 6:30pm - 9pm: Live music
8pm: Crew party

- October 05: 6pm: OBJECTIF VOILES photo competition prize-giving ceremony (Village des Voiles)
6:30pm - 9pm: Live music
Maxi Yachts prize-giving reserved for participants

- October 06: 11am: Modern and Traditional yacht prize-giving ceremony (by invitation only)
5pm: Closing of the Sailing Village


Opening from 30 September 2024 to 06 October 2024
Monday 09h00 à 21h00
Tuesday 09h00 à 21h00
Wednesday 09h00 à 21h00
Thursday 09h00 à 21h00
Friday 09h00 à 21h00
Saturday 09h00 à 21h00
Sunday 09h00 à 21h00