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Anchor Position: 43°07',022N - 5°055',091E

Discover Toulon

The maritime city of Toulon nestles in Europe's largest and most beautiful bay, bordered by high wooded hills topped with ancient forts: an unusual but idyllic marriage of sea and mountain. Although the city has been a powerful military port for centuries, its bay offers much more than the naval base. Enjoy the promenade along the marina, its many restaurants and cafes, and why not the main shopping-mall (100 shops) and shopping streets. By strolling through the old town, stop by one of the numerous CRUISE FRIENDLY partners gathered around the same goal: delivering to the cruise guest the most memorable welcome of their whole cruise! Be pleased by the old medieval quarter and its picturesque Provencal street market (the biggest one in Provence). Toulon is a feast of colours and fragrances, alive with the sunny Mediterranean accent of the stallholders. You will find several fountains, shady' squares, chic quarter from Baron Haussmann including the impressive Opera house, museums and monuments.

The adjacent coast alternates pretty creeks shaded by umbrella pines, high ochre-red cliffs, little fjords or "calanques" sparkling with translucent turquoise waters, golden sandy beaches and picturesque fishing harbours. Mount Faron's breathtaking summit mingles sunlit white cliffs, rocky terraces, sweet-smelling underwoods and Mediterranean forests - accompanied by a symphony of cicada song! It is accessible by cable car (the only one of the Mediterranean coast) or road.

Toulon is a blessed destination, offering a relaxing atmosphere, a direct access to the most beautiful beaches in the French Riviera and the authenticity of the Provencal way of life

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