The “Cruise Friendly” label spreads to Sète!

After La Réunion Island and Yokohama, the Var Provence Cruise Club is happy to welcome a new destination in the Cruise Friendly network!

Despite the ongoing health crisis, the deployment of the Cruise Friendly label in Sète is not called into question for 2020, simply postponed to September.

The cruise club of Sète joins the very exclusive network of 12 cities worldwide labelled “Cruise Friendly”.

The signing session of the Cruise Friendly brand licensing agreement with the Sète Cruise Club took place on Wednesday 5th of March 2020 at the head office of the Var Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in the presence of Laurence Cananzi, Vice-President Industry and President of the Var Provence Cruise Club and Guillaume Hamel, Head of the Sète Cruise Club.

Cruise Friendly: how to improve the experience of cruise guests ashore

The objective of this label is to build customer loyalty, by delivering an extraordinary experience to cruise guests, in order to make a great impression and to increase their desire to return once again for a sojourn in the city where the label is implemented.

This certification aims to associate retailers, shopkeepers in delivering the best welcome to passengers during their cruise call with the aim of building loyalty among these customers who are travelling by sea to visit and « taste a sample » of our destination.

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