Natural heritage - Hyères

Le Michel C wreck

A 100 meters only from the “Ville de Grasse”.

The “Correo de Cette”, first name of the “Michel C”, was built in 1866 by Renfrew shipyard in Belfast. In 1899, during November 26 foggy night, the “Michel C” on the way to Cannes. Beer and flour on board. This day, approaching an other ship, it sank with the mechanic on board. The others 11 crew members has only the time to get on board of the “Amphion” before seeing their ship sink. The “Michel C” sank about a 100 m from another wreck “Le Ville de Grasse”. The wreck isn’t big but well preserved, in facts, the less damaged part the bow at 39 m deep, where you can see the winches, anchors and the anchors davit.

Conger and moray eel hides in the many corners of the “Michel C”. You will see also grouper, sea bass and mullet schools. Around the wreck there is sumptuous faults and falls full of soft corals.
Various dives are possible on and around the wreck.

- The wreck
- The canyons

- Dive Type : ship wreck
- Location : about 500m South, South-West Grand Ribaud lighthouse
- Size : 38.25 meters long, 5.75 meters large.
- Level : Medium
- Dive : Advance
- Remarks : Strong current and depth come quickly to the West. Be aware of marine traffic.


Opening from 01 January 2022 to 31 December 2022
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